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Starting any business is hard, especially online, these days we have new technology coming out daily! It’s hard to keep up! 

You need something simple that stands out to be successful these days! That’s why with me the entire process is so easy, i give you all the tools you need to succeed. 

With me by your side, together, we have what it takes to start a profitable online brand without the boring parts. I take the reins on the shopfront to give you the head space to focus on what’s important -  making money, reaching your fullest potential and living the life of your dreams! 

I’m not for the faint hearted, I’m not for the small business who is happy to have the side hustle, I am here for the dreamers, the go getters and the overall non stoppers! Does this sound like you?

“Together we will take your brand to the next level of success and leave your competition in the dust! “


Teaching you how to

dream bigger!

Hey there, Natalie here, your go to for all things e-commerce! With over four years Shopify experience I know i have what it takes to transform your brand into your customers favourite shop!

It all started with my own e-commerce business many years ago, with a background in dermal therapies and a dream of working freelance while travelling the world (don’t we all), the stars aligned and I accidentally came across someone successful in the ecommerce industry and that was it, i was obsessed!

Ever since I have built and sold brands and loved every moment!

Now here is the question I get asked the most:

But if you had your own billion dollar company why aren’t you drinking long Island ice tea on a fancy sun bed next to the ocean 

Did I find the niche that lights me up? NOPE! 

You see when you have ADHD unless something is your thing, your passion, you get bored pretty quickly! I didn’t believe in the products I was selling and my heart was just not in it!

I did however find that I LOVED WORKING WITH DRIVEN ENTREPRENEURS just like myself who thrive off new ideas, solutions and fast paced thinking! I also loved building brands for others, so here I am! Here to HELP!

Also keep in mind that the type of people who succeed in business are not able to sit down on a random Tuesday afternoon and drink a Long Island ice tea without thinking about business! That’s why you see these successful entrepreneurs who have their own brands build courses, they actually cant stop! 


When you chose me, you’re selecting a relatable partner for building and enhancing your ecommerce brand. Having the right people by your side is the difference between success and failure in the online business space, so it’s essential to be careful who you work with. Working with someone experienced allows your to leverage their knowledge and expertise, ensuring that your ecommerce business is given the best chance of succeeding from the get-go. 

With me you know that you are working with someone who is committed to getting the best results possible - results that can take your business and therefore your dreams to new heights!